6.2.12. Replacement of plugs of an axis of the lever of gear shifting

It will be required to you: a key "on 13", the screw-driver with a crosswise edge.
1. Remove facing of a tunnel of a floor (see. "Removal and installation of facings of a tunnel of a floor").
2. A key "on 13" turn off a nut of fastening of an axis of the lever of gear shifting.
3. Turn out the screw of fastening of an emphasis of an axis of the lever.
4. Having wrung out the lever aside, take out a lever axis assembled with an emphasis.
5. Having brought the lever out of a draft fork, take out two plastic plugs of an axis and the remote plug.
6. Replace the worn-out or broken plugs. Keep in mind, plastic plugs cutting that is not defect.
7. Establish all details as it should be, the return to removal, previously having greased plastic plugs of an axis with jellied lubricant.
8. If at installation of an axis of the lever there are difficulties to have an opportunity to shift the lever aside remove from below the car a protective plate further, having turned off two nuts of its fastening, and turn out two bolts of fastening of jet draft. After installation of an axis establish into place jet draft and adjust the gear shifting mechanism drive (see. "Adjustment of the drive of control of the transmission").