6.2.13. Repair of the lever of gear shifting

The lever of gear shifting has to freely, without jammings to turn in the spherical hinge. Otherwise check and if necessary replace a spherical support and a spherical washer. If after an utaplivaniye down to an emphasis the lever completely does not come back to a starting position, check and if necessary replace a spring.
Remove facing of a tunnel of a floor (see. "Removal and installation of facings of a tunnel of a floor").
It will be required to you: a key "on 13", passatizh with thin sponges.
1. Take out a lever axis, plastic and remote plugs (see. "Replacement of plugs of an axis of the lever of gear shifting").
2. Hook the screw-driver …
3. … also remove a lock ring.
4. Take out the spherical hinge with the lever from a holder.
5. Take out a spring from a holder.
6. Examine an overlay of an arm of blocking of a backing …
7. … and plastic emphasis of an axis. Replace details if they are broken or on them wear tracks are noticeable.
8. For removal of a slip turn off two nuts and turn out one bolt of its fastening.
9. Having moved apart a spherical washer, remove a spherical support.
10. Remove a spherical washer from a spherical finger of the lever.
11. So gear shifting lever details look.
12. Replace the broken or strongly worn-out spherical washer and a spherical support.
13. Replace the spring broken or lost elasticity.
14. Collect and install the gear shifting lever upside-down, previously having greased a spherical finger of the lever and an internal cavity of a holder with jellied lubricant.
15. At installation of a spherical support pay attention to that ledges on it entered grooves of a spherical washer, thereby...
16.... having recorded a holder in a washer.