6.2.14. Adjustment of the drive of control of the transmission

Adjustment can be required after removal and the return installation of the transmission, and also at indistinct gear shifting during operation of the car.
You will need two keys "on 13".
1. From below the car weaken and turn off on 3–5 turns a nut of a coupling bolt of a collar on draft of control of the transmission.
2. Expand with the screw-driver a groove of a collar and a groove on the end of draft a little to provide free movement of draft concerning a rod of the choice of transfers, and establish a rod in neutral situation.

Fig. 6.11. Scheme of adjustment of position of the lever of gear shifting: 1 – arm of blocking of a backing; 2 – axis emphasis; 3 – gear shifting lever axis; 4 – axis plugs; 5 – gear shifting lever; 6 – remote plug; 7 – spherical washer of a spherical support; 8 – spherical finger of the lever of gear shifting; 9 – body floor; 10 – spherical support; 11 – buffer; 12 – spring; 13 – template 67.7834.9527; 14 – overlay of an arm

3. In interior of the car remove a gear shifting lever cover from the handle, lower a cover on the lever down and install the lever so that its lower (not curved) end settled down approximately vertically. In the presence of a template 67.7834.9527 expose the gear shifting lever so: at the removed cover of the lever establish a template in a window of an overlay of 14 (fig. 6.11) of an arm of blocking of a backing. Enter into a template 13 groove an emphasis 2 axes of the lever 5 and press it to a template in the cross direction, without causing elastic deformation of an arm 1. Fix the lever 5 in this situation.
4. From below the car as the easy movements of a hand (not to move levers of the mechanism of the choice of transfers) choose an axial side play of a rod in the direction back and its angular side play in the direction counterclockwise.
5. Tighten a nut of a coupling bolt of a collar, having established a collar at distance of 1-3 mm from the end of draft.