6.2.6. Repair of a main shaft

The main shaft represents the block of the leading gear wheels which one part is executed on a shaft, and the second — is pressed with a big tightness. Therefore the main shaft represents a non-demountable design, it is possible to replace at it only bearings.
Troubleshooting of a main shaft, its gear wheels and bearings is similar to troubleshooting of a secondary shaft (see. "Repair of a secondary shaft").
It will be required to you: universal stripper, hammer, mandrel.
For replacement of the back bearing 3 press it by means of a stripper and a napressuyta against the stop the new bearing by means of the corresponding mandrel, putting effort only to an internal ring of the bearing. When replacing the forward bearing pay attention that under its internal ring 1 on a shaft the persistent ring 2 is established.