6.2.7. Repair of the synchronizer

It will be required to you: the screw-driver with a flat edge, passatizh with thin sponges.
1. Remove the synchronizer from a secondary shaft (see. "Repair of a secondary shaft").
2. Before dismantling mark position of the coupling 3 concerning a nave 1. Disassemble accurately the synchronizer, having removed the coupling from a nave. At the same time you watch that the sprung crackers 2 with balls did not scatter in different directions.
3. Examine synchronizer details. Chips and zaboina on vents of a nave and the coupling are inadmissible (especially pay attention to end faces of teeths of the coupling). Damages or traces of jamming on crackers, balls and springs are also inadmissible. Replace defective parts or the synchronizer assembled.
4. Install the coupling on a nave according to earlier put tags.
5. At the same time three big pro-points on vents of the coupling have to coincide with nave grooves under clamps (with openings).
6. Grease a clamp spring with Litol-24 lubricant and insert it into an opening in a nave groove.
7. Grease a cracker with Litol-24 lubricant and insert a ball into its opening.
8. Squeezing a spring, insert a cracker with a ball into a nave groove. A pro-points on a cracker have to be directed outside, the spherical (big) surface of b has to be turned to the coupling.
9. Push a cracker so that the ball got to pro-points on coupling vents.
10. Correct the screw-driver a spring so that it got to a cracker opening. Similarly establish other clamps.