6.2.8. Repair of differential

It will be required to you: a face key (head) "on 17", kruglogubets or special pincers for removal of lock rings, a thin chisel, the hammer.

Fig. 6.9. Differential: 1 – the setting speed sensor ring; 2 – satellite; 3 – semi-axial gear wheel; 4 – the conducted gear wheel of the main transfer; 5 – axis of satellites; 6 – differential case; 7 – differential bearing

1. Take out differential (fig. 6.9) from the transmission (see. "Dismantling of the transmission and troubleshooting of its details").
2. Having turned on 90 ° around an axis of satellites, take out semi-axial gear wheels from the differential case.
3. Remove a lock ring from an axis of satellites.
4. Take out an axis of satellites and two satellites from the differential case.
5. Turn out bolts of fastening of the conducted gear wheel to the differential case.
6. Having inserted a chisel into a gap between an end face of an internal ring of the bearing and a box of differential, press the conducted gear wheel from the differential case.
7. Examine the working surfaces of satellites, axes of satellites, semi-axial gear wheels and the spherical surfaces of the case of differential adjoining to them. Eliminate small roughnesses with a fine-grained skin. Replace details with major defects.
8. Check a condition of the conducted transmission gear wheel. In the presence of chips, vykrashivaniye and considerable development of teeths replace a gear wheel. On the conducted gear wheel the number of teeths of the leader 1 and conducted 2 gear wheels is beaten out.

At manufacturer of a gear wheel of the main transfer select in pairs for noise and a spot of contact. Therefore when replacing of the conducted gear wheel replace also the leading gear wheel (they are on sale in couple). For check count quantity of teeths of the leading gear wheel.

9. Examine seats of bearings on the differential case. At considerable development of these places replace the differential case. In the presence of pitting (sinks) on racetracks and bodies of swing, traces of cave-in of bodies of swing on racetracks, damages of separators bearings need to be replaced.
10. For replacement of bearings press them from differential by means of a stripper. At the same time bearings collapse.
11. Vypressuyte external rings from cases of the transmission and coupling by a special stripper. If there is no stripper, a vypressuyta at first epiploons of half shafts. Consider that in this case epiploons are damaged and they should be replaced (see. "Replacement of epiploons of the transmission"). From the outer side of cases to a vypressuyta to small beards of a ring of bearings.

12. Pay attention that under the ring established in a transmission case there can be an adjusting ring which before a press fitting of new rings needs to be picked up anew (see. "Selection of an adjusting ring of bearings of differential").
13. Collect differential as it should be, the return to removal, previously having oiled all details gearbox. The conducted gear wheel has to be established by marking of teeths outside.