6.3.3. Removal and installation of drives of forward wheels

It will be required to you: face keys (heads) "on 17" and "on 30", the screw-driver with a crosswise edge, an assembly shovel, the hammer.
1. Merge oil from the transmission (see. "Replacement of oil in the transmission").
2. Turn out screws of fastening of decorative caps of forward wheels …
3. … also take off caps.
4. Having hooked the screw-driver, take off protective caps of forward naves.

On caps sealing rubber rings are established. Do not lose them.

5. Raskontrite of a nut of naves, having straightened the bent fillets of nuts.
6. A face key "on 30" weaken an inhaling of bolts of fastening of wheels and nuts of naves. Nuts of naves are tightened by the big moment therefore it is recommended to use, for example, a piece of a pipe as the lever.

At an otvorachivaniye of nuts of naves the car has to stand on the earth. Weaken and tighten bolts of fastening of wheels only on the car standing on the earth. Moment of an inhaling of bolts of 65-95 N · m (6,5–9,5 kgfs · м).

7. Slow down the car the parking brake, enclose persistent whetstones under back wheels and raise a forward part of the car, having established reliable support. Remove forward wheels. After that finally turn off nuts of naves and remove the persistent washers established under them.

It is forbidden to reuse nuts of naves.

8. Disconnect rotary fists from suspension bracket levers, having turned out a key "on 17" two bolts of fastening of spherical support from each party.
9. Removing outside a damping rack, take a shlitsevy shaft of the case of the internal hinge of the left drive from a wheel nave.
10. Similarly disconnect the right drive from a nave.

Movement of damping racks is interfered by steering drafts. To exclude their influence, at a detachment from a nave of the left drive turn out a steering wheel against the stop to the right, and at a detachment of the right drive — to the left.

11. By means of an assembly shovel to a vypressuyta a shaft of the internal hinge from a differential half shaft gear wheel...
12.... also remove the left drive.

If you assume to remove both drives at once, then after you removed the left drive, insert instead of it into the transmission a technological cap (for example, the old internal hinge). Only after that remove the second drive. Otherwise semi-axial gear wheels of differential can be displaced and drives cannot be installed.

13. Vypressuyte from a half shaft gear wheel the right drive also remove it.

Before a detachment from the transmission of the right drive surely remove a forward cover of a case of coupling (see. "Removal and installation of the transmission", page 150), differently it will be bent by an assembly shovel and during the operation of the engine can touch a flywheel it.

14. Before installation of drives surely replace lock rings on shafts of cases of internal hinges, otherwise the drive can spontaneously jump out of a semi-axial gear wheel during the movement.
15. For installation of the drive enter a shlitsevy shaft of the case of the external hinge into a wheel nave in the beginning, establish a persistent washer and screw a nave nut against the stop, without tightening it it is final.
16. Then enter a shlitsevy shaft of the case of the internal hinge into an epiploon of the internal hinge and turn a little a drive shaft that vents of a shaft and a gear wheel of a half shaft coincided.
17. Take away the lever of a forward suspension bracket down and the sharp movement of a damping rack with a rotary fist press the drive in a half shaft gear wheel until fixing of the drive a lock ring.
18. Check reliability of fixing of the drive in a half shaft gear wheel: undertake hands a fist of a damping rack and try to pull out with a force a hinge shaft from the transmission. If it worked well, repeat attempt of a press fitting of the drive in the transmission. If after the second attempt it was succeeded to take hands the drive, replace a lock ring with another.
19. Similarly install the second drive, having taken out a technological cap from a half shaft gear wheel.
20. Attach to rotary fists spherical support of damping racks (see item 8).
21. Establish wheels and screw bolts of fastening of wheels against the stop, without tightening them it is final.
22. Install the car on wheels, having removed from support, and tighten nuts of naves the moment specified in the appendix 1.

It is strictly forbidden to move the car at not tightened nuts of naves in order to avoid damage of separators of bearings of naves.

23. Stop nuts of naves, having unbent (for example, the big screw-driver) lock fillets of nuts in grooves of shafts of cases of external hinges.
24. Establish caps of naves.
25. Tighten bolts of fastening of wheels the moment specified in the appendix 1.
26. Establish decorative caps of wheels.
27. Fill in oil in the transmission (see. "Replacement of oil in the transmission").