7.1.9. Replacement of the hug bearing of a forward suspension bracket

In a nave the ball two-row bearing which during operation does not demand adjustment and lubricant is installed. At a nave vypressovka the bearing collapses therefore press off a nave from a rotary fist only for replacement of the bearing.
It will be required to you: a key "on 17", a face key (head) "on 30", pincers for removal of lock rings, mandrels, the big screw-driver, a core, the hammer.

Good advice
For a press fitting of the hug bearing use mandrels of the corresponding size from set. At their absence it is possible to use rings of the old bearing.

1. Take off a decorative cap (see. "Replacement of a wheel").
2. Hook the screw-driver …
3. … also take off a protective cap.
4. Raskontrite nave nut.
5. Weaken a nave nut inhaling.
6. Install the car on an osmotrovy ditch or the elevator. Remove a wheel (see. "Replacement of a wheel").
7. Weaken an inhaling of nuts of bolts of fastening of a rotary fist to a rack (see. "Removal and installation of a telescopic rack").
8. Turn out two bolts of fastening of a spherical support to a rotary fist.
9. Finally turn off a nave nut …
10. … also remove a persistent washer.
11. Remove a support (see. "Removal and installation of the working cylinder of the forward brake mechanism").
12. Remove a brake disk (see. "Removal and installation of a brake disk of a forward wheel").
13. Finally turn off nuts of bolts of fastening of a rotary fist to a rack and take out bolts.
14. Bring a rotary fist out of a rack arm.
15. Vypressuyte by means of the corresponding drift a nave from an internal ring of the bearing.
16. If an external part of an internal ring of the bearing remained on a nave, press it a stripper. For convenience of dismantle two special dredging on a nave serve.
17. Remove lock rings on both sides of a rotary fist.
18. By means of a mandrel to a vypressuyta the bearing from a rotary fist.
19. Establish an external lock ring.
20. Press in a vice or a press by means of the corresponding mandrel the new bearing in a rotary fist, putting effort only to an external ring of the bearing. Do not hammer the bearing: it can collapse.
21. Establish an internal lock ring.
22. Press by means of a mandrel a nave in an internal ring of the bearing.
23. Establish a rotary fist as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time use a new nut of a nave or a nut from other wheel (that the old rumpled parts an of a fillet of a nut at a kerneniye did not get to b groove on a shaft of the external CV JOINT).
24. Finally tighten a nut of a nave as well as bolts of fastening of a wheel, on the car standing on the earth, and its zakontrita in two places. Establish a protective cap.