7.2.4. Replacement of the hug bearing of a back suspension bracket

In a nave the two-row ball bearing which during operation does not demand adjustment and lubricant is installed.
If when rocking of the hung-out wheel the side play or noise appeared during the movement, perhaps, the hug bearing failed.

Good advice
At the increased side play in a wheel you raskontrit a nut of a nave and check the moment of its inhaling. If the moment is less than demanded, try to tighten a nut the necessary moment and its zakontrita. In the absence of a side play the bearing will be able to work still some time.

For a press fitting of the hug bearing use mandrels of the corresponding size from set.

Good advice
In the absence of mandrels it is possible to use rings of the old bearing.

It will be required to you: a thin chisel, a face key (head) "on 30", pincers for removal of lock rings, a stripper for a bearing vypressovka, a universal stripper.
1. Take off a protective cap and you raskontrit a nave nut (see. "Replacement of the hug bearing of a forward suspension bracket").
2. Weaken an inhaling of bolts of fastening of a wheel and a nut of a nave.
3. Include the I transfer and establish an emphasis under forward wheels. Raise and establish a back part of the car on reliable support.
4. Remove the corresponding wheel, the brake drum and brake shoes (see section 9 "Brake system").
5. Turn off finally a nut of a nave and remove a persistent washer.
6. Establish a stripper and press a nave from an axis.
7. Clamp a nave in a vice and take out from it a lock ring.
8. By means of a stripper to a vypressuyta the bearing from a nave, clear an internal cavity of a nave, press the new bearing and establish a lock ring.
9. Napressuyte a nave on an axis by means of the corresponding mandrel, putting effort to an internal ring of the bearing. Then establish blocks, the brake drum and a wheel.
10. Finally tighten a nave nut, as well as bolts of fastening of a wheel, on the car standing on the earth (a nut of a nave replace new or a nut from other wheel that the old rumpled parts of a fillet of a nut at a kerneniye did not get to a groove on a shaft of the external CV JOINT).
11. After a final inhaling you zakontrit a nut of a nave and establish a protective cap.