8.1. Features of a design

Steering is safety, with the rack steering mechanism, the electroamplifier, the steering column regulated on height (tilt angle) and the damping element on a steering wheel.

Fig. 8.1. Steering: 1 – internal tips of steering drafts; 2 – bracket of fastening of the steering mechanism; 3 – nut of the hinge of steering draft; 4 – external tip of steering draft; 5 – adjusting draft; 6 – support of the steering mechanism; 7 – steering mechanism; 8 – arm of fastening of the steering mechanism; 9 – coupling bolt; 10 – a shaft with the hinge; 11 – electromechanical amplifier of steering; 12 – electronic control unit electromechanical amplifier; 13 – nut of fastening of a steering column; 14 – ignition lock; 15 – top facing casing of a shaft of a wheel; 16 – connector; 17 – lever of adjustment of a steering column; 18 – nut of fastening of a steering wheel; 19 – safety cushion; 20 – steering wheel; 21 – insert of the lower casing; 22 – sealing ring; 23 – fastening screw; 24 – lower casing of a shaft of a wheel; 25 – element of fastening of a motor board; 26 – laying; 27 – persistent plate; 28 – sealant; 29 – spring ring; 30 – protective cover; 31 – sealing ring

The steering mechanism assembled with steering drafts is attached in a motor compartment to a body front board on two arms by means of brackets of 2 (fig. 8.1). The mechanism is fixed by nuts on welded bolts through rubber support 6.

Fig. 8.2. Steering mechanism: 1 – boot; 2, 20 – bolts; 3 – washer; 4 – epiploon; 5 – case cover; 6, 17 – sealing rings; 7 – separator assembled; 8 – a driving gear wheel with the bearing assembled; 9 – lath of the steering mechanism; 10 – left protective cap; 11 – support of drafts; 12 – bracket; 13 – cap; 14 – emphasis nut; 15 – emphasis spring; 16 – lock ring; 18 – lath emphasis; 19 – emphasis insert; 21 – lock plate; 22 – cover plate; 23 – collar; 24 – protective cover; 25 – right protective cap; 26 – case of the steering mechanism

In a case of 26 (fig. 8.2) of the steering mechanism on ball and roller bearings the driving gear wheel 8 which is in gearing with a lath 9 is established. The ball bearing of a gear wheel and a separator 7 are drawn in by a cover 5 assembled with an epiploon 4 and closed by a boot 1.
On a case of the steering mechanism and on a boot tags for the correct assembly of the steering mechanism are executed.
The lath 9 is drawn in to teeths of a driving gear wheel by a spring 15 through the ceramic-metal emphasis 18 condensed in a case with a rubber ring 17. The spring is drawn in by a nut 14 with the lock ring 16 creating resistance to a nut otvorachivaniye.
The protective cap, and on the right side of a napressovan a pipe with a longitudinal groove is on the left side put on a case of the steering mechanism, the protective cap is on the right side put also on a pipe. Through a groove of a pipe and an opening in a protective cover there pass expansion plugs of rubber-metal hinges of internal tips of steering drafts 1 (see fig. 8.1). Drafts of the steering drive are attached to a lath by bolts 20 (see fig. 8.2) which pass through connecting plates 22 and expansion plugs of rubber-metal hinges. Bolts by a lock plate 21 are fixed.
The steering drive consists of two compound steering drafts and rotary levers of telescopic racks of a forward suspension bracket. Length of each steering draft is regulated draft 5 (see fig. 8.1) which is screwed in internal 1 and external by the 4th tips.
Its electronic control unit issues information on malfunctions in operation of the electroamplifier of steering at inclusion of ignition by means of a blinking of an alarm lamp in a combination of devices (a light code of malfunction) (see. "Control unit of the electromechanical amplifier of steering").