8.4.1. Removal and installation of an external tip of steering draft and replacement of a protective cover of the spherical hinge

At the increased free wheeling of a steering wheel check axial and radial gaps in spherical hinges of steering drafts. If the free wheeling in the hinge is felt or corrosion on a spherical finger appeared, replace the spherical hinge assembled with a tip.

Surely replace the torn protective cover of the spherical hinge, otherwise the dirt and water which got to the hinge will quickly put it out of action. It is possible to replace a cover and without removal of a tip from draft.

The bent internal tips of steering drafts are subject to obligatory replacement.
It will be required to you: passatizh with narrow sponges, a key "on 13", "on 19", "on 22", a stripper of spherical hinges, the screw-driver with a flat edge.
1. Remove the corresponding forward wheel.
2. Clear a nut of fastening of steering thirst for the rotary lever and apply liquid of the WD-40 type that it was easier to turn off a nut on the threaded connection.
3. Weaken an inhaling of bolts of fastening of external and internal tips of steering draft.
4. Reduce the ends of the forelock densely to each other …
5. … also take out the forelock. If it is not possible to take the forelock hands, use passatizha.
6. Weaken a nut inhaling …
7. … and a vypressuyta a finger of the spherical hinge by means of a stripper.
8. Turn off a nut of fastening of steering draft and bring draft out of an opening.
9. Holding with a key adjusting draft …
10. … turn off a tip from draft, having counted quantity of turns. At installation of a tip it will help to keep a convergence of wheels approximately.
11. If it is required to replace adjusting draft of a steering trapeze, turn off it, having also counted quantity of turns at an otvorachivaniye.
12. Establish a tip as it should be, the return to removal. Before an inhaling of a bolt of fastening of a tip and a press fitting of the hinge of an external tip of draft be convinced that the surface of the hinge is parallel to the basic surface of the rotary lever. If necessary expose the hinge.
13. Tighten a nut of a finger of the spherical hinge the required moment and bring it to coincidence of the next cut of a nut under the forelock. After installation of a tip check and if necessary adjust the angles of installation of wheels.
14. To replace a protective cover of the spherical hinge, disconnect draft from the rotary lever (see item 8).
15. Remove a sealing ring of a protective cover, having accurately hooked it a narrow, blunt object.
16. Accurately, not to damage a protective cover, hook the screw-driver …
17. … also remove a spring ring.
18. Remove a protective cover.
19. Remove a dirty top layer of lubricant (if it is noticeable that dirt got in the hinge, then such hinge should be replaced) and apply new jellied lubricant. Put in a new cover half of its volume jellied lubricant and install it on the hinge, having put on a cover edge a seat on the hinge case against the stop.
20. Establish spring and sealing rings.
21. Check correctness of installation of rings and density of a prileganiye of edges of a cover.