8.5.1. Removal and installation of the steering mechanism

It will be required to you: the screw-driver with a flat edge, a knife, a key "on 13".
1. Remove both forward wheels.
2. Having established a steering wheel in provision of the rectilinear movement of the car, turn out from within salon a bolt of a collar of fastening of the driveshaft to a shaft of a driving gear wheel of the steering mechanism (see. "Removal and installation of the driveshaft of steering").
3. Disconnect both steering drafts from rotary levers (see. "Removal and installation of an external tip of steering draft and replacement of a protective cover of the spherical hinge").
4. Disconnect steering drafts from the steering mechanism (see. "Removal and installation of an internal tip of steering draft") also remove plates.
5. Turn off two nuts of fastening of the steering mechanism on both sides.
6. Remove collars of fastening of the steering mechanism from hairpins and take out the steering mechanism with drafts through an opening in the left niche of a wheel.
7. Cut off a plastic collar...
8. … also take off a protective cap of a steering rack (similar operation execute from a reverse side of a steering rack).
9. Remove rubber pillows of collars of fastening of a steering rack.
10. Cut off two plastic collars fixing a lath cover to a case …
11. … also remove a lath cover from a case of the steering mechanism.
12. Collect and install the steering mechanism upside-down. At the same time the lath has to be on average situation (in provision of the rectilinear movement of the car), i.e. tags on a boot and a case have to coincide, and the lyska on a shaft of a gear wheel has to be on the right. If the gear wheel turns, then shift a lath in any one party against the stop. Then move a lath to other party on one whole revolution of a tag on a boot and bring a tag to combination with a tag on a mechanism case. After completion of all installation works check and if necessary adjust the angles of installation of wheels.