9.10.3. Replacement of brake tubes

It will be required to you: a special key "on 10" for an otvorachivaniye of nuts of brake tubes, a key "on 13".
1. Turn off tubes from the main cylinder and brake hoses. Muffle openings of the main cylinder and hoses.
2. Turn off three nuts of fastening of plastic protection of pipelines …
3. … also remove protection.
4. Hook the screw-driver the fixing paws of metal plates of holders of tubes …
5. … also remove plates.
6. Turn off nuts of fastening of tubes to knots of the brake system and take out tubes from holders. The broken holders replace.

For removal of a tube of a back right brake it is necessary to remove the fuel tank (see. "Replacement of the fuel tank and its bulk pipe").

7. Establish new tubes upside-down and pump over a hydraulic actuator of the brake system (see. "Pumping of a hydraulic actuator of the brake system").