9.11.3. Replacement of a cable of the drive of the parking brake

Good advice
If the cable removed from the car hard moves in a cover, grease it, fill in gearbox or engine oil in a cover until it does not begin to follow with the opposite end of a cover. In the course of filling periodically move a cable in a cover.
Establish a cable with the assistant: draft of the lever short therefore to install the equalizer, it is necessary to pull a cable strongly.

Replace a cable at the following malfunctions:
– cable tips are weakened;
– cable threads began to be torn;
– the cable hard moves in a cover even after its lubricant.
It will be required to you: a key "on 10", two keys "on 13", the big screw-driver.
1. Lower the lever of the parking brake against the stop down.
2. Remove the brake drum of the corresponding wheel.
3. Remove the muffler from pillows of suspension brackets and the resonator from a back pillow. Lower system of release down (see. "Replacement of pillows of a suspension bracket of system of production of the fulfilled gases").
4. A key "on 13" turn off a lock-nut and an adjusting nut of the parking brake and remove the equalizer 1 from draft 2.
5. Take out a cable tip from the equalizer.
6. Take out a cable cover tip from an arm on a body.
7. Unbend two brackets of fastening of each cable.
8. Insert the screw-driver between a block and the lever of the drive of the parking brake, take away the lever in forward situation and disconnect a cable tip from the lever.
9. Weaken an inhaling of a nut of fastening of the holder of a cable on a beam of the back bridge and take out a cable from the holder.
10. Take out a cable from an arm on a body.
11. Take out a cable from a brake board.
12. Establish a cable as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time pay attention to what cables establish in an arm cross-wise. After installation adjust the parking brake (see. "Check and adjustment of the drive of the parking brake").

Good advice
Some drivers, seeking to wear out less a cable of the parking brake, try to use it less often. Such "economy" results in the return result: a cable, seldom moving in a cover, gradually loses mobility and finally gets jammed and breaks. Use the parking brake in all cases, when necessary.