9.5. Replacement of plugs of an axis of a pedal of a brake

You will need the same tool, as for removal of the vacuum amplifier.
1. Remove from the car the vacuum amplifier assembled with pedal knot and remove the amplifier from an arm (see. "Removal and installation of the vacuum amplifier").
2. Remove a lock bracket from a pedal axis.
3. Take out a pedal axis, take a pedal from an arm and remove from it a squeezing spring.
4. Take out on both sides from a plug pedal. Check and replace the broken or worn-out plugs. Pay attention: plugs are cutting that is not defect.
5. Establish a pedal as it should be, the return to removal, previously having greased plugs and an axis of a pedal with Litol-24 or LSTs-15 lubricant. Establish a spring on a pedal axis on the right side so that its end and rested against an arm, and the end would be hooked for the pedal lever.