9.7.2. Removal and installation of a brake disk of a forward wheel

Minimum admissible thickness of a disk is 17,8 mm. If thickness of a disk is less, it needs to be replaced. The axial beating of a surface of a brake disk should not exceed 0,15 mm.
In the presence on a working surface of a disk of zadir, deep рисок and other defects increasing wear of blocks and reducing efficiency of braking replace a disk. In specialized workshops such disk can be pierced and proshlifovat. But at the same time thickness of a disk has to be not less minimum admissible value. The disk is pierced on both sides on identical depth.
It will be required to you: a key "on 7", a face key (head) "on 17".
1. Remove the corresponding wheel and brake shoes.
2. A key "on 17" turn off two bolts of fastening of a guide of blocks to a rotary fist …
3. … also remove the brake mechanism assembled, without disconnecting a brake hose from the wheel cylinder.
4. Suspend the brake mechanism on a rope or a wire to a rack of a forward suspension bracket. At the same time you watch that the brake hose was not overwound and it was not strongly tense.
5. Clear a brake disk of dirt. Apply liquid of the WD-40 type on disk junctions with a nave and on the directing pins. Wait a little to allow to be dissolved to a rust.
6. A key "on 7" turn out two directing pins …
7. … also remove a brake disk.
8. Establish a brake disk upside-down. If you establish an old disk, then remove from both of its parties a file the fillets formed as a result of wear of a disk.