9.8.1. Removal and installation of the brake drum of a back wheel

Maximum permissible diameter of a working surface of the reel makes 201,5 mm. Replace a drum if diameter exceeds maximum permissible value or is equal to it.
On the working surface of the reel there should not be zadir or deep рисок. Otherwise replace a drum or pierce its working surface on the machine.
After a pro-point to a proshlifuyta a surface fine-grained abrasive whetstones, after processing diameter of a drum should not exceed 201 mm.
Replace a drum if in it cracks are found.
It will be required to you: a key "on 7", two assembly shovels, the hammer, a wooden pro-rate.
1. Include the I transfer and establish persistent whetstones under forward wheels.
2. Make sure that the lever of the parking brake is lowered against the stop down (the car is stirred up).
3. Remove a back wheel and clear the brake drum of dirt.
4. A key "on 7" turn out two adjusting pins.
5. Apply liquid of the WD-40 type on a nave and, having waited several minutes, clean off dirt and a rust from this place.
6. Shift blows of the hammer through a wooden pro-rate a drum from a nave.
7. Remove a drum from a nave. If it is not possible to make it, bring down him the hammer, striking blows through a wooden pro-rate to a fillet from a reverse side of a drum...
8.... or press, evenly wrapping pins or suitable bolts in two carving openings of a drum.
9. At installation of the old reel remove a file the fillet on its working surface formed as a result of wear.
10. Install the reel as it should be, the return to removal. Previously grease a landing corbel of a nave with graphitic lubricant or LSTs-15 lubricant and reduce blocks by means of two assembly shovels.
11. Check ease of rotation of a wheel. The easy zadevaniye of a drum about blocks is allowed. On the car standing on the earth press two-three times a brake pedal to bring blocks to a drum.