9.9.1. Removal and installation of the regulator of pressure

Malfunction of the regulator of pressure can be one of the reasons of a drift or withdrawal of the car aside when braking.
The faulty regulator of pressure is recommended to be replaced assembled.
It will be required to you: the screw-driver with a flat edge, a key "on 8", "on 13", a face key (head) "on 13", a special key "on 10" for an otvorachivaniye of nuts of brake tubes.
1. Having hooked the screw-driver, remove a lock washer of an earring of the elastic lever of the drive of the regulator and the flat washer established under it.
2. Disconnect the elastic lever with an earring from a beam of a back suspension bracket.
3. In order that at installation it was not necessary to adjust pressure regulator drive, mark position of the lever of the drive concerning an arm.
4. Substitute capacity under a junction of tubes with the regulator as liquid will follow from there, and a special key "on 10" turn off four nuts of fastening of brake tubes.
5. Disconnect tubes from the regulator. Muffle openings of tubes, for example, protective caps of valves of pumping of wheel cylinders. Mark tubes not to mix them at further installation of the regulator.
6. A key "on 13" turn out a forward bolt of fastening of the regulator to an arm.
7. A key "on 13" turn out a back bolt of fastening of the regulator …
8. … also remove from the car the regulator with the drive.

So look pressure regulator removed from the car …
… and its drive.

9. In need of replacement of details of the drive hook the screw-driver and take away an earring bracket from the elastic lever.
10. Remove from the lever a bracket together with an earring.
11. A key "on 8" turn out a bolt of fastening of a clamp of the lever.
12. Remove a clamp of the lever and disconnect the drive lever from the elastic lever.
13. At connection of the lever of the drive to the elastic lever the fork of a clamp has to enter a pro-point on the elastic lever.
14. Install the regulator as it should be, the return to removal. Pay attention that the forward bolt of fastening is longer than back.
15. After installation of the regulator press out flat-nose pliers an earring bracket. Then pump over the brake system and if necessary adjust pressure regulator drive (see. "Adjustment of the drive of the regulator of pressure").