9.9.2. Adjustment of the drive of the regulator of pressure

The wrong adjustment of the drive of the regulator of pressure can cause a drift or withdrawal of the car aside when braking, decrease in efficiency of braking.
It will be required to you: a key "on 13", a wire with a diameter of 2,0-2,1 mm.
1. Install the car on an osmotrovy ditch and you prozhmit several times a back part of the car by effort about 400-500 N (40–50 kgfs) for installation of a back suspension bracket in average situation.
2. Weaken an inhaling of a forward bolt of fastening of the regulator to an arm.
3. Using a wire as the probe, expose an arm so that the gap between the lever of the drive and a spring of the lever made 2,0–2,1 mm.
4. Move for this purpose the drive lever for a ledge. In this situation tighten a bolt.
5. If the regulator of pressure is correctly adjusted, when braking from speed about 40 km/h on the horizontal section of the road with a hard coating forward wheels have to be blocked back a little earlier (it the observer out of the car can define). Otherwise increase a gap (if back wheels are blocked before lobbies) or reduce (if back wheels are blocked much later lobbies). After that double-check adjustment by braking and if necessary repeat it.